Popular maruti sales and service center Pathanamthitta – the worst maruti dealer

4 years back my brother bought a car from popular sales and service centre pathanamthitta. So the following year I too choose popular sales and service centre for my car also. They delivered the car in time. I didn’t get any offer from them, they charged for everything including the floor rubber mat advertising their shop name. I opted for tubeless tyres with more width, I exchanged my stock tyres along with 2500 Rs for the same. I never been to the popular sales and service centre after that. As they didn’t have a service centre in pathanamthitta I relayed on the Kochaalunmoodu service centre and never had any complaint.

Some time back Popular maruti sales and service opened their service centre in pathanamthitta near District collector Office. No clean 3rd service Last November I been there for the servicing of my car. After the trial drive, the mechanic told me in addition to normal servicing, Steering bush required to be replaced but will change later on as the removing and fixing of suspension is an costlier affair. Oil need to be changed. The charges will be around INR 9000/-.

By evening I got a call informing vehicle is ready, and the bill amount is INR 10500/-. They don’t accept credit card or debit card, So I settled the bill by cash.

Vehicle was clean, I could not make out the difference in performance, As the car was not giving any trouble to me and this service was just routine.

After reaching home I called my relative who got a car service centre, and read out the bill. Only then I realized Popular Maruti sales and service centre pathanamthitta was looting their customers. They didn’t made any entry of this service in my service book. I’m publishing the bill here, you can check out the details. They seperatly charged for same job. Unnecessery removal (I think only in paper) of suspension. A whooping labour charge of INR 7500/-. The oil costed 3500. I gone back to their office and spoke to the supervisor who attended me earlier, I got my vehicle service manual filled. service book. When enquired about the cost, He told the oil used was some synthetic oil (synthetic oil needs replacement only after 20000 Kms, ), that is why the cost so high. They never asked me whether synthetic oil be used or not. But the type of oil used is not mentioned in my service book, By checking the engine oil it cannot be identified. I don’t know why they opened the suspension(is it for hose change), If they have opened it they could have changed my steering bush also. So here I got a INR 7000/- labour charge for washing, and oil change

I will never ever go to Popular sales and service center, They cheats the customer.

Their address is

  • City : Pathanamthitta, Kerala.
  • Phone No : 0468-2325571.
  • website www.popularv.com

Better avoid them

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