Is a scam ?

Just one week back I bought a Toshiba 32PB200 32″ LED  TV  for Rs. 23,590 from Flipkart. Today morning I was shocked to see the following advertisement in the front page of Mumbai mirror. (Friday 9 Nov 12)

The website was offering the Television for Rs 19,990. That means I lost Rs. 3600/- in less than one week. So first I checked out the price at flipkart, but no changes there. So I searched online shops of Croma retail and Vijay sales, Two major electronic shops in south mumbai. There were selling the same item for Rs 26,990 and Rs 26,190 respectively.

How is selling the item at such a lower price from market price.

The website offers just five items. two toshiba and three funai televisions. Nothing else. It looks like they set up this site to sell off just these five advertised items. It looks supicious as there is no customer support details, no contact numbers and no addresses, no about us or contact us.

A host look up shows the site is registered with godaddy on September 14, 2012. and updated on November 08, 2012, preparing for deepawali loot. The site is registered in the name of Nitin raj, 90 B Pascos Building, Gurgaon, Haryana 122015,India. Strangly Mr Nitin Raj is the ‘VP marketing’ of and the address on which the site registered is ‘s address. Even mr. Nitin’s email Id is from domain.

clicking confirm order takes you to Moreover you can register in one site and use the same login ID password for both sites.

screenshot of registration details

None of these five items are listed in web site. strange?

My questions are

1. Why started a new wesite and advertised it in the front page of news papers for just these five items.

2. Why they are not selling these same products in site. More people will be b uying from an established site like rather than a fresh site like Moreover these items got maximum discount offer. No one is offering these items at such a low price. This offer in the festival month would have generated more sales for them

3. why the site doesn’t have any contact numbers or registered office address, But still

3. Is this site offering defective or refurbished product, and wants to distance themselves from any consumer actions, while pushing off these products.

I owns this TV and brought it in last 7 days, so I was curious on the price difference, That is why I was concerned. I never bought anything from and after this incident most probably will never. If you are hiding some facts relations, something has to be fishy. Be aware before buying anything online. Always read reviews about the product and the provider. If either of them gives you a dobt , better skip it.

Note: Now only four items listed on the site. Toshiba 32″ gone.

2 thoughts on “Is a scam ?

    • November 23, 2012 at 6:27 am

      Shopthrist is cheating website they not deliver any product


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