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On January Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. MTNL is charging advance security deposit of 500 Rs from the customers. All the customers registered some one years back with a security deposit of Rs 500 got this additional bill. MTNL clarifies the security deposit is Rs 1000 and all those who got connection with Rs 500 has to pay the remaining amount. The amount is refundable without interest on disconnection

The problem is, One year back there was an offer on combo plan. You book this plan under Rs.500/- while the actual the plan cost was Rs.1000/- so now they want you to pay the balance

Well this doesn’t seems like a good precedence. They advertised about the reduced rate and now they want you to pay the difference. May be MTNL is raising funds as their net loss increases. Any way you can opt out from MTNL and will get Rs 1000 refund. But the problem is to which provider we should switch. In a city like Mumbai, I cannot find any decent service provider who can be compared in par with MTNL.

If you are not interested in much Downloading or uploading, You can shift to any other provider as in this category most of the providers are charging same and provides more or less same quality of service.

If you are interested is Bulk downloading and uses lot of FTP and torrent services, Then MTNL is for you. They are the only one provides decent unlimited plans. Rest all providers got fair usage policy, which either puts limitations or charges extra for download /upload after a certain limit (may be 1 or 2 GB)

As we don’t have much options, we have to bear with MTNL and stick to them


  • Jayant Bhagabat Das

    I am disconnect my land line last 6 months. and i am not received by security deposit.

    please do the needful

    Jayant Das
    Mobile- 9867504795


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