Is starCJ online shopping website worth the money you pay

Is shopping with online shopping website star CJ alive a good bargain. I won’t say so. My experience with starcj was not good.

I ordered one Birla classic food processor

The offer was  Birla classic food processor  – price Rs 3990 /-

Complimentary Free products

 One electric kettle

One  electric sandwich maker

Gift coupon worth Rs 1000 /-

Irresistible offer isn’t it, you are getting back 1000 /- Rs and just for 2990 /- Rs you are getting all these items.

Now let us check the truth.

On a search on internet you will find  ‘Next electronics appliance store’ is selling the same  Birla classic food processor, same model online for Rs 2990 /- with free shipping.

Oh my God, we just ordered the same stuff for Rs 3990 /- that is an extra Rs 1000 /- any way we need not to worry we are getting one  electric Kettle and one  electric sandwich maker and again a bonus of Rs 1000 /- coupon.

Now the funny part is your coupons, you were thinking you just saved Rs 1000/- and you are planning to buy a blender worth Rs 1600 /- buy paying Rs 600 /- cash plus  the Rs 1000 /- coupon. But You will be getting coupons as follow:-

Rs 500 /- Voucher      –    can only be used on minimum purchase of Rs 5000 /-

Rs 250 /- Voucher     –    can only be used on minimum purchase of Rs 2500 /-

Rs 150 /- Voucher    –    can only be used on minimum purchase of Rs 1500 /-

Rs 100 /- Voucher    –    can only be used on minimum purchase of Rs 1000 /-

Voucher expires in 45 days

You cannot use two coupons on a single purchase. That is you cannot club together the coupons

So only thing we get are the free complimentary gifts. But the problem with  the complimentary gifts you receive are, they will be  of some local brand (I got starfish).

The verdict is you are paying Rs 1000/- extra for two unwanted items, which you may or may not get cheaper outside.

Meanwhile I had one more problem, I received my complimentary gifts 2 days back and today I got the food processor. On the packet my address was clearly mentioned and items printed were 1. Birla food processor and 4 coupons

On opening the packet I was dumbfounded to found one easy mop and bucket, instead of food processor. There were no coupons. They might have delivered the food processor to someone else, along with the coupons. I called up the customer care and they registered a complaint and promised to exchange the packet in 05 working days.

So before shopping with star CJ always check the price and offers on same product , on the net. You will find same offers or a better bargain, somewhere else minus the unwanted free local made poor quality gifts

After 7 days I got my food processor in exchange to easy mop.  No questions asked.

My advice is never use your main mobile number in starCJ online shopping mall even if you are ordering something. I did the mistake.  They do not respect DnD. They send spam SMS and never responds to the complaints send to their customer service email address. I sent two complaints to them to remove my mobile number from their mailing list. I have not received any reply from them and the spamming has not yet stopped.

One thought on “Is starCJ online shopping website worth the money you pay

  • Ravi Kumar

    Last month, I had placed an order for Samsung Galaxy
    Ace DUOS mobile from StarCJ, They delivered my ordered within 5 days but the
    mobile had some damages. Then I made a call to customer care of StarCJ at
    022/011 3355 5533 but nobody was responding. After calling them 10 times one of
    their customer service agents picked up my call, but when I discussed him about
    my issue they told me that they would replace my handset within a week. But
    still after a month of call, I didn’t get my phone replaced even after calling
    them 14 times for that but no hearing at all. So I submitted my complaint at
    But even they also didn’t reply me still.


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