Afton fitness equipment treadmill review

Before narrating my experience read these points.

  1.  Their service is pathetic.
  2.  Don’t buy an Afton product if you may require any sort of after sales service.
  3.  In most of states they got just one service center. Checkout that in their site or the screenshot below. They have multiple places listed but most of phone numbers are same. Even the service centers of Goa and Maharashtra are same.   Afton Services contact
  4. The email listed on their site for sales, doesn’t work (
  5. If you are planning to buy any fitness equipment or treadmill, before buying any electro-mechanical product make sure there is a service center in your area.
  6. They have three websites , and The mother company of all these sites are Shagun Health Products Pvt. Ltd.
  7. Always make it clear who from where will service your equipment.

My Experience with Afton Fitness

This review of Afton treadmill is my personal experience. I bought an Afton treadmill few months back on May 2015 from D-Hope Furnitures situated at St. Peter’s Junction, Ring Road, Pathanamthitta. D-Hope PathanamthittaD-hope have not provided any operation manual and tool kit. Now I regret buying from D-Hope furnitures, Pathanamthitta

It worked fine for 28 days. I was happy with all the aspects except pulse detector, I don’t think it really works. But that was not a problem. I was using Afton treadmill CP161 for 20 minutes each in the morning and evening.

On a fine morning within one month of purchase My Afton treadmill starts giving me trouble. First day it starts dragging on 1st and 2nd levels. (I was using program 4). Next day the treadmill couldn’t self-start.

I visited the dealer shop D-Hope furniture Pathanamthitta and explained my problem. They assured the service engineer will visit in 2 days. 1 week passed I called them again. They told me they registered the complaint online and they are helpless as the service is provided by Afton fitness and they don’t have any kind of control over them.
Finally after 2 weeks Service Engineer from Afton fitindia came. He was not carrying any spares, He checked the brushes of motor and removed the PCB (CIRCUIT BOARD). He took the PCB for checking whether it is working at their service center with a promise to replace it if defective in 5 days.

As there was no response, I called up service engineer and on his advice I called Afton service center Ernakulum. They informed the PCB (CIRCUIT BOARD) is fine and problem is with motor and so they will be sending someone soon. After 2 weeks I called them again and reminded they have not yet returned my CIRCUIT BOARD. They said they will be sending the service engineer next day.

After calling them for a couple of times, I tried contacting their head office in Chennai. Head office sounded like just another service center and all they could say was to contact Mr. Srinivasan, Regional Manager Kerala. The phone number provided in contact section of Afton fitness for Kerala service centers is his mobile number.

From that day onward I start calling Mr. Srinivasan almost every alternate day for 2 months. Finally after two and half months again,  service engineer came with spare motor and PCB.

This time after fitting everything treadmill was not responding. The PCB he brought along with him was an old defective one not mine (I took a photo of my card before handing over it last time). Again he was not carrying any spare PCB.

This time he promised he will be back in one week or if possible courier my PCB as soon as possible after consulting with service center. Now two more weeks passed and nothing happened.

Today after 10 days, I received an old PCB with different serial by courier (DTDC). This was not the brand new PCB they took for checking. I connected it up. ( I took the photo of connection)

Incline and decline is not working. I will rise a complaint and look for a local treadmill repair shop for further repairs on payment. As sending back the card will be foolishness as afton service will have given my card to someone else and fresh repair will take another 3 or 4 months.


  • Never ever buy anything from Afton fitness , or basically all these sites are frontend of Shagun Health Products Pvt. Ltd. Never trust what they say.
  • Better avoid D-Hope shop Pathanamthitta. Once the item is sold, They don’t bother about services. Their after sales service is bad. There idea of after sales service is making a call to the product manufacture or main dealer, when you visit there with complaint.
  • I won’t blame Mr Srinivas as he was co-operating and trying to help. His problem seems to be lack of spares and staff.
  • The service engineer doesn’t carries spares for checking, not sincere and most irritating behavior is he never answers his phone. He disconnects and turns his phone off.

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  • Sanjay k

    Thank God i found this Afton treadmill review. I was almost about to buy afton treadmill


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