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Allen Carr’s Easyway To Stop Smoking

Indian film actor Hrithik Roshan had quit smoking by reading the book Alan Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking.He strongly recommends the book. Out of curiosity I checked out the book.allencarr
The question pops in everyone’s mind is how a book can help you quit smoking, A book which encourages you to be a smoker till you finish the book. Yes you can enjoy the book along with your favorite cigarette.
This book is inducing a self hypnosis on you and removes the fear of quitting smoking.

Allen Carr was an active chain smoker who used to smoke around 5 packets (100 cigarettes) daily. He quit smoking 20 years back and he has now built a network of clinics that span the globe and has a phenomenal reputation for success in helping smokers to quit. His books have been published in over twenty different languages and video, audio and CD-ROM versions of his method are also available.

I have not yet finished the book, covered a little bit over 70%, and I lost my urge to smoke, even after a good meal. It is not like I quit smoking, But now I don’t enjoy smoking. Even though I don’t completely agree with him. Still I enjoy the smoke after my drinks. Allen Carr published a book on easy way to stop drinking also. But I don’t dare to read it.

I strongly recommends this book. You can buy it online. The book costs Rs 550, search online for some discount coupons

Allen carr’s easy way clinics conducts live seminars also. Indians can register through

edited on May 2013

Over a year, No cigarettes in my life. Now I enjoy the food, flowers and fresh air.

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