Garena Free Fire Beginners tips and Tricks

I will now cover the tips and tricks that I left out in the first part

1 Drag headshots

Drag headshots are a very important part of freefire when you drag it highly increases headshot rates.This is how you do it-
Keep your crosshair near an enemy but don’t make it red it’s ok if you do but the first way will increase chances. Then put your finger on the fire button and drag it all the way up to where your guns section is. And learn to get cover immediately as if you miss then you’ll just be staring at the sky while your enemy kills you.

free fire

2- crouch gloo wall or jump gloo wall

Crouch gloo wall is just as its name suggests crouching and placing a gloo wall whil crouching your wall will be placed much closer to you than normal and this also helps if your gloo gets bugged and doesn’t palce your head won’t be where an enemy expects as you are crouching.
But crouch gloo wall can be a bit tricky and hard to master thus jump gloo wall is here to help. When you jump and place a wall while looking to the ground in a slightly slanted angle the wall will be placed really close to you. The problem with this trick is that you will lose momentum and stop for a split second when you hit the wall and land this gives an opportunity for the enemy.

3-rotation drag

This is an addition to the regular drag if you have mastered normal drag then rotation drag should be your next step. This is very hard to master but here is how to do it. First keep your crosshair near an enemy without making it red then move your fire button in a curved “L” shape. Practice this and you will get some good results.


When dragging there are certain guns that work well with a certain method close range guns like the m1887 and mp40 work well if you rotation drag. But long range guns at mid to long range works better with regular drag as rotational drag may miss the shot like on draganov sks or m14.

5-how to properly play a 1v1

First- don’t camp

2- don’t hide and play just go in open areas and fight and use your gloo walls for cover.

3- don’t just stat at spawn with a woodpecker and spam.

4-don’t use grenades.

6-How to drop faster

Jump a little before the plane flies over where you want to drop. Then jump and then surf a bit closer then press the skydive button.And don’t open the parachute wait till it opens on its own.then choose a building for you to land on then rotate your joystick in a circular motion that will help you land exactly where you want.


7- Look for a weapon the moment you land if you can land on a weapon then go for it as if there are others near you being the first to a gun can give you a huge advantage that will help get a few juicy kills.if you start getting shot the moment you land start to run. Don’t try to fight, you will benefit if you get out of there alive and got time to get armed. You can even try to go back to the enemy for a revenge kill.

8-how to properly use gloo walls

When in a difficult situation the gloo wall is always a handy thing to have here are some tips to use it better.
1-when climbing up a hill keep the wall equipped as if there is an enemy above they needn’t work to hard to get a headshot on you.
2-This is same as the other one keep a gloo wall equipped before going downhill as if you sprint downhill you can’t equip anything unless you stop which could take a little time. So it doesn’t hurt to prepare.

3- Learn to jump and move your camera 180⁰ to turn and place a wall behind you as getting shot in the back is a big problem.

4- Always try to carry at least 4 walls.

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