How to hide files in android

Update: ES file Explorer is no more in playstore, It turned out to to a bloatware. This method is not good as the de-encryption is possible without key/password

he easiest way to hide media files from gallery is to create a blank file with name ‘.media’ inside the folder containing Medias to hide.

Another way is to add a dot in front of folder to hide. In Linux and so in android any file or folder starts with a dot is considered as hidden.

These ways are not safe if you have to hide something really important. The best way is to encrypt. The problem with encryption is encryption and decryption with most of applications are time consuming and confusing.

Here comes to your rescue an absolutely free wonderful app Es file explorer. It is the best file explorer for android. ( Check out my

  • Install Es file explorer from google play store. es file explorer

  • Navigate to the folder, whose content you want to hide, using Es file explorer. Long press the folder then choose encrypt from more menu in right bottom corner.

choose folder to encrypt

  • Choose your password and click ok.

choose password for encryption

  • Now your files are encryped and safe .


  • To decrypt the file choose the same procedure and select decrypt instead of encrypt.

Encrypted files

  • Now without knowing the password, no one can access these files.
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