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How to open / disassemble Sony Walkman NWZ – B133F

sony walkman nwz b133 (10) sony walkman nwz b133 (9)
I was not using my Sony walkman for last 3 months.
After keeping it  idle for three months, finally one fine morning I pick it up for my exercise regime (which I was planning for the last 6 Yrs), to find out it was not working.
I think the battery discharged beyond its safe limit. As every cell requires a minimum residual charge to pickup the charge. Even though it was not switching on, transferring of files to the device or upgrading the software was not an issue, as it was getting detected on computer.
I searched internet for opening procedure of the device for disassembling it, as I could not find any screws or locking mechanism. After trying all the method and staring the device a lot, I got frustrated and break open it.

sony walkman nwz b133 (1) sony walkman nwz b133 (2) sony walkman nwz b133 (4) sony walkman nwz b133 (5)
The green stuff sticking outside is the battery.

Opening procedure
sony walkman nwz b133 (6) Remove the pink panel as shown in the image (marked with red circle). There are two small screws (circled in red colour on the walkman). The pink panel is fixed on the walkman with adhesive. remove it using a thin screw driver.
sony walkman nwz b133 (7) Remove the second panel as shown in the image.
sony walkman nwz b133 (8) All the four screws are marked with red circles. and both panels are also shown in the image. After removing the screws, walkman can be easily opened.

16 thoughts on “How to open / disassemble Sony Walkman NWZ – B133F

  • Hi, Iam from Argentina, a friend of mine broke the USB connect and I wanted to fix. Then i started to remove the lid with a screwdriver from aside, and i notice it was very thing to do, so i founded this post and I realize about the 4 four screws so THANX YOU FOR THE INFORMATION YOUR EXPERIENCE AND TIME! Its already fixed and running 😀 ;D.

    PD: sorry about my writen english, need some fixes too 😛

  • suraj kumar r

    That's great ammiel, i ruined mine finding this out. thanks, atleast this post is helping someone. I searched a lot before breaking mine

  • Rum Rajah

    Thanks. Mine was accidentally washed (in my pocket) this morning, and this helped me get it open so I could dry it out 🙂

  • can u replace the battery any1 now thnxx

    • Sure you can, get it replaced from sony shop or you may buy it from or and replace yourself. it costs around $10

    • surajkumarr

       Sure you can, get it replaced from sony shop or you may buy it from or and replace yourself. it costs around $10

      • Pulkit rawat

        I have have an prblm that i have connected the mp3 in pc for charging and then after charging press the open button and after pressing the button i have seen walking written on the screen and not open the menu and automatically switch anyone plzz suggest me the solution

  • Intsnotmyemail

     thank you for posting that,
    I really love this mp3 player (it fell from 4th floor on a concrete, dive into a bath and after all these adventures it still worked! I suppose that I’ll never find a player like that)
    but now i have o problem when trying to connect to usb – sometiomes it “disappear” – i guess i will have to check what’s going on inside, so thank for showing me how to get in there!

  • thanks a lot for explained how to open. good work.

  • is it possible to upgrade the memory or not?

  • Where to find the battery in India? I mean, is there any indian website which sells the battery? Plss help…

    • As Per sony Repair Centre in Chennai they will not touch the device with the longest pole.They are also unhelpful to the core to know where the battery can be bought!
      Very poor after sale service for Sony Walkman even if you are a DIY buff.
      Therefore I recommend that you make a parallal connection outside the device by proper extension and proper supporting(Jugad) and connect a Li Ion Battery of any Mobile phone properly.That way you will have a long service between recharges,But slightly bulkier.That’s Swachch Bharath!

  • Kostantinos-Greece

    Thnx m8 , u have beenreally supportive. Keep up the good work

  • Rohan Joseph George

    THANK YOU!!!
    thanks a lot!!

    I have been trying to open it up for a year. This is really helpful. What kind of screw driver should i use?

    The guys at the sony centre said they wont touch it!

    They wont open up and repair anthing!!


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