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Link Godaddy Custom domain name and blogger – with screenshots

Your Blog-spot blog is gaining momentum and now you wish to add a premium domain name.

Once a domain name is secured from the domain registrar the main part is linking your domain name with

Here I will be dealing with  The documentation for linking godaddy domain names with blogger from Google  is pretty old and outdated. Moreover the godaddy control panel is pretty complicated with ‘premium’ word scattered all over.

So first make sure the name-servers are pointing to go-daddy itself. if you have not changed it never bother. otherwise change it to standard and wait for sometimes.

  1. log in to your godaddy account.
  2. click on the my-account link on top left.
  3. click on the launch button as shown

main page

You will get a  page as shown below. click on the DNS manager link from the drop down menu

site info image

DNS Manager

In the standard DNS Dashboard, below your domain name click on the Edit Zone link.

DNS dashboardNow under CNAME you will find a column with www. click on the pencil icon and add ‘‘ in the second column. click on save settings button on top right (just above CNAME table).

if no www entry is present. click on Quick add button and add www in first column and add ‘‘ in second column.

Editing CNAME

Login to your blogger account and on the dashboard click on the drop down menu next to blog name and select settings.

blogger settings

Click on ‘add a custom domain name‘ under  publishing section as shown below.

add domain name

enter your domain name and click save.


if you are getting this error just add www. ahead of your domain  name (eg:

Try again. short and long name blogger
you will get a message as above.  note down the data in the second highlighted row. First part is the short name and second column is long name

In go-daddy under CNAME  click on Quick Add and enter short name in first column and long name in second column


save settings and you are done.
wait for some time and the try applying your domain name in blogger.

Some time if you try accessing the naked domain (without www) you may redirected to go-daddy. For rectify the problem  modify your A records

The following action links your naked domain ( to your actual site (

You will need to create four separate A-records which point to four different Google IPs.

Follow google help link for setting in blogger

Refer the image for setting in Godaddy

A host

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