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Google Body Browser

Google earth for human body

Google body browser interface is almost same as of Google earth.

Here you can peal Human body layer by layer.

The image on left side is the control panel. You can move the slider up and down.
1. All the layers are visible
2. Muscles visible
3. Skeleton and internal organs
4. Stomach and intestines along with skeleton
5. Heart and arteries
6. Brain

In the image shown above, slider button ‘A’ is selected. In this mode you can only peel the body

In the image on right side, slider button ‘B’ is selected. As shown in the image here you can individually contol the sliders,

Moving the slider to leftmost part hides the respective organ.
same way moving the slider to right increases the visibility of respective organ

To use google body browser access the site Make sure you are using a web browser supporting web GL.

The major browsers supporting Web GL are Chrome 4, Internet explorer ( ( which works only on windows 7) and firefox 4

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