Google Chrome Vs Mozilla Firefox

Here I am omitting Internet explorer 9 beta as it is incompatible with windows XP, most popular and successful OS till the date from Microsoft ( Windows Vista was an annoying  flop and Windows & is not providing much solid reasons for me to abandon XP).  I hate IE 8 because of its bulkiness and nonsense add-ons.. But still I am forced to use IE for my OS updates and a access a few primitive sites.

My all timechrome vs firefox favorite is Mozilla Firefox for its ease of use and availability of tons of add-ons to choose from, You name the feature and there will be an add-on for it.
I’m sad to say even though I am a loyal fan Firefox, my current browser is Google Chrome.
Initially my shift towards chrome was due to the screen area chrome offered me, (even Firefox is chromified in its latest incarnation in 4 beta, But i hate the top window title bar, which occupies my 2 cm screen area)
Second and most important feature i like in Chrome is ‘Sync’ (Synchronizing all your data like bookmarks, form auto fill, passwords and history) which helps you to get the same browser feeling where ever you are. Earlier in Firefox  to achieve this we had to relay on a third party add-on Febe and a third party site and it consumed time and effort for synch. Firefox 4 beta is offering in built sync option, I will show how to synch your data in both Firefox and chrome in my next post.Third good feature of chrome is it doesn’t require a browser restart after each installation/ removal / enabling / disabling of add-ons, unlike Firefox.
Fourth feature is Chrome’s startup time is lesser than Firefox, which takes ages to load.
Plus point for Firefox is , add-ons for chrome are less functional and i cannot find some of my favorite Firefox add-ons for chrome. Firefox crashes less often when compared to chrome and compatibility with sites are more

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