Recommended softwares and Sites

for portfolio manafementIn search of a good free software for offline tracking of my portfolio, I stumbled upon Trader Xl pro I think this is the best free software, Though I’m looking for something less complicated . You can have a look on this software here Portfolio XL

Second software which i like most is getbhavcopy by hemen, which is really good and useful software to download EOD from Nse and Bse and Historical data, which you could upload to amibroker or other offline portfolio manager get this software from

I visited a lot of site to get nifty 50 indices, but it was of no use. I recommend this software You can download NSE 50 List fromNse 50 List stocks and enter symbolafter exporting to excel

websites i use most is select williams %R and RSI in last and second last column to study the movement of a scrip

i just downloaded amibroker full version from Piratebay torrents and i’ll post the results if i feel its worth buying. is a nice site its portfolio manager is good only drawback is they will not calculate your capital. my iris is also worth visiting.
have a look at yahoo finance, But i prefer Google finance basically for their charts, which shows the price and time, check out rediff moneyindices also it got an indicator which shows whether the stock is hot or cold.
The sites which feeds data for all other sites BSE and NSE

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