Getting quotes in Ms Excel

I tried a lot of online and offline software for making and monitoring my portfolio and transactions. But none of the software was having the features and all the facilities I was looking for. (At least the free ones). So finally now I settled down with Ms Excel 2007.
Here I faced a problem of getting quotes for my shares in the excel sheet. I searched internet and queried my friends, at last I find out a way, and showing it here for the benefit of beginners like me
1. First open excel 2007 and make a separate sheet for NSE
2. Select a cell and click on data tab click data from web


4. Now in the address bar type
5. Replace SYMBOL with nse symbol of the scrip for e.g.: for Reliance communication the address link will look like
6. Now select the tables you are looking for click the arrow for selection and click import.

7. Now your data would look like the image below, Link the information you required to the sheets of your portfolio.

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