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How to access Blocked or banned web sites

Last day while reading another blog, I happened to came across an article and a reference to the website But the site is banned in India.
The site is not updated for a long time and doesn’t looks trustworthy, there are only allegations but no concrete proofs. But banning a website is not at all recommended. I consider it is against the freedom to speach. If there are baseless allegations legal actions can be taken.

As now more and more sites are facing banning or blockade, we have to look for some alternative ways to access these sites.  May be in near future we would be using proxies for accessing Facebook and even Google.

If some organization is really good in blocking sites then most of the time proxies  won’t work and if they work you can’t use them for a long time.

I recommend, The best part of hidemyass is it got addons for Firefox and extension for chrome, If you type the name of site in the address bar is not so good as it used to be. I prefer . It opens most of the sites which cannot be accessed by hidemyass.

hidemyass screen shot
hidemyass web proxy screen shot


chrome extension screen shot
chrome extension screen shot
firefox addon screen shot
firefox addon screen shot

 list of  more web proxies

  1. – Looks much better
  2. – another nice one with good features
  4. – lot of annoying ads

3 thoughts on “How to access Blocked or banned web sites

  • From my experience proxies are not very reliable and kind of slow. VPN services tend to do a better job overall and are somewhat more safe.  I`m using this one for some time now: sunvpn, it`s pretty fast and user friendly.

    • apart from the offer to Write a small article about SunVPN and get a FREE 1 Year SSL+Mobile VPN Account worth 120$Its paid service, it is a pure paid service. I recommend

  • Risa Nipps

    Wow! I searched Google for this and got a great result for once haha! I’d also like to vouch for as a sweet free web proxy service. Thank you for this blog post!!


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