Alappuzha, Venice of India

It was a spontaneous trip, we four friends met after a long time and our plan was to have some fun, spent some time together and recollect old memories. we first went to Alappuzha, Ambadi toddy shop, one of the best toddy shops in Alappuaha, But as it used to be a little bit crowded and we wished to be in some place near to water :-), so our first destination was Champakkulam, inspired by a malayalam movie Champakkulam thachan.  Sorry to say we were totally disappointed, may be we were in the wrong side of Champakkulam.
 So we planned to move towards Kidangara, a near by location recommended by a native friend. But then we thought any way we were looking for plenty of water (in and around), so why not cover all these places in a boat, easiest mode of transportation in alappuzha.We reached allappuzha Boat jetty around 02:30pm. there were a lot of middle men, But i feel we got a good bargain, A boat for ourselves  for three hours and the driver was non intrusive. If you are with family i’d recommend a houseboat, which will be around 3500 – 4000 INR for full day (around 6 hours). Otherwise go for small boats which costs anywhere between 200 – 350 INR per hour









































































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